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___PlateTracker for Windows: Draws Paleoreconstructions back to 1100 Ma. This program produces plate tectonic reconstructions for any time interval, in several map projections ( Mercator, Molleweide, Orthographic). The globe can be centered on any area of interest. (sample images from Plate Tracker).. Authors: J. Eldridge, D. Walsh and C.R. Scotese,  ISBN # 0-9700020-1-7.   Cost $129 

___PointTracker for Windows: Calculates paleolatitudes for any modern coordinates (decimal latitude & longitude).  The user creates a "text format" file that lists of the present-day latitude and longitude of the points to be rotated back in time. These points can be fossil localities, geological outcrops, well locations, etc.   POINT TRACKER rotates the points back to their paleo-position. The output file from POINT TRACKER can read directly in to any GIS program (e.g. ArcGIS) and plotted on the reconstructed shapefiles provided by the PALEOMAP Project (see ESH-GIS below). This program was designed users who need to plot user-defined data localities on plate tectonic reconstructions. Author:  C.R. Scotese. Cost $59

__Reconstructed Shapefile Library (Earth System History GIS: ESH-GIS). ArcGIS shapefiles for 50 paleoreconstructions (600 Ma to 250 million in future). That can be viewed with ArcGIS (any version) or similar GIS software.  Each time slice consists of the  reconstructed positions of  present-day continental coastlines, shelf margin, major tectonic boundaries, active plate boundaries and seafloor spreading isochrons.   (Sample view from ESH-GIS)    Author: C.R. Scotese, (Note: ArcGIS (any version) or similar GIS software is required.) ((Free sample time-slice shapefile available upon request. For more info about  ESH-GIS Call 817 275 1697 or email, cscotese ( at ) Cost $99       

___ NEW PlateTracker for ArcGIS 9: Creates  plate tectonic reconstructions (shapefile format) from user-defined ArcGIS modern shapefiles (points, polylines or polygons). Must have ArcGIS 9.2 or higher. Cost $199  Call 817 275 1697 or email cscotese ( at ) for more information.

___ NEW PaleoGIS for ArcGIS 9: Makes plate reconstructions, rotates user-defined data sets, produce animations, & more. For high-end academic users. Must have ArcGIS 9.2 or higher.  Visit, and download Academic order form. Cost $899; Upgrades for current users $399


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