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PALEOMAP Animations, Digital Images, & Software

Animations (Quicktime) (both Windows & Mac compatible)

___Animation #1 Standard Set: (7 animations): Paleogeography (0-750 Ma), Seafloor Spreading (0-200 Ma), Future Drift (0 ˇ 250 future), Paleoclimate (0- 540 Ma), Rodinia Breakup/Pacific View (1100 M ˇ 540 Ma) Cost $69

___Animation #2  3D Relief Paleogeography and Plate Tectonics (0 ˇ 540 Ma): 4 different views: Global Oval Projection , Paleoglobe centered on Prime Meridian, Paleoglobe centered on 90 E longitude, Paleoglobe centered on 90 W longitude  Cost $69     

___Animation #3 7 Regional Paleogeographic and Plate Tectonic Animations: Each animation centered on a different continent: North America, South America, Africa, India, Australia, North Atlantic, South Atlantic.                        Cost $69

___Animation #4  High Resolution (1800 x 900 pixels) 3D Relief, Paleogeography and Plate Tectonics (0 ˇ540 Ma), Oval Projection. Export individual frames from animation to make publication quality images.             Cost $99

___Animation #5  7 Animations showing the plate tectonic evolution of the ocean basins (sea floor spreading) on a sphere ( 5 points-of-view), modern world back to Cambrian. Five animations on a sphere (different points-of-view) and two animations in oval and plate caree map projections.         Cost $69

___Animation #6  3 Global Paleogeographic and PlateTectonic Animations: These are the newest versions showing evolving paleogeography in 3D Relief.  Modern world back to Cambrian.  Two animations on ýglobe from spaceţ, one animation in flat map projection.  Cost $69

Other Teaching Materials

___ PALEOMAP Digital Map Archive #1 on CD-ROM.  Editable Adobe Illustrator versions of the paleogeographic and plate tectonic reconstructions that appear on the PALEOMAP Project website ( Cost $99

___PALEOMAP Digital Map Archive #2 on CD-ROM. More than 200 maps organized by geoglogical time period (every 10 million years).  Include 3D relief paleogeographic images and Future Plate motions (Pangea Proxima, +250 million years). These images do not appear on the PALEMOAP website. Cost $99

___PALEOMAP Project website on CD-ROM: Why wait for downloads? Put the PALEOMAP website on your laptop or teaching computer. Cost $49

___PaleoGlobe CD-ROM: Printable map gores that can be attached to 4" dylite spheres to make 20 different paleoglobes.. Cost $49



___PlateTracker for Windows: Draws Paleoreconstructions back to 1100 Ma.    Cost $129

___PointTracker for Windows: Calculates paleolatitudes for any modern coordinates (decimal latitude & longitude). Cost $59

__Reconstructed Shapefile Library (Earth System History GIS: ESH-GIS). ArcGIS shapefiles for 50 paleoreconstructions (600 Ma to 250 million in future). Cost $99

__NEW Ancient Earth: Breakup of Pangea, an app for the iPad/iPhone (200 Ma to Present-day). Cost $9.99 For more information goto (, or search for "ancient earth" at the (App Store)


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